Michael Wiesemann - Indiana Executive Supporting Community Uplift

Michael Wiesemann

Michael Wiesemann, a corporate executive based in Indiana, holds leadership experience in the sales and insurance industries. After obtaining a bachelor of arts in quantitative analysis from Franklin College, Michael Wiesemann began work as the sales and operations manager of Lawn Pride in Indianapolis, coordinating and deploying teams of lawn-care-application professionals. In that position, he met quarterly sales and profitability goals while overseeing the company’s hiring and employee evaluation processes. In addition, he created a sales training program for new sales employees.

Later, after leaving Lawn Care, Mr. Wiesemann accepted a position as a district sales manager at the Indianapolis, Indiana-based office of Mutual of Omaha, and subsequently became president of Fundamental Group, an insurance agency, also in Indianapolis.

In addition to fulfilling the insurance needs of the business community, Michael Wiesemann is devoted to community causes. He supports nonprofit organizations such as the Works of Mercy Center, which provides short-term housing for those in need, serves hot meals, and helps sustain senior communities and other populations in various ways.